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Perphor|m is a brand new perphormance arts organization in Philly….although we have been slowly starting our engines with pure, unfiltered sweat equity for the past 6 months, we are beginning to pay ourselves and others for the artistic and administrative work being done.

We need your help to make our goals happen!

Perphor|m is embarking on an exciting 6 month journey into the world wide web! We are beginning a 6 month fundraiser to support 6 months of consistent online engagement and resources.

  • An Interactive Blog

    • Three bloggers will rotate every week, writing, filming or podcasting about various artistic ponderings. The blog will also act as a hub of conversation; beyond comments, each blog will have a question posed at the end for everyone to get in on...we imagine this building into in person roundtables and even perphormative lectures. ​ 

  • Live Events will include:

    • Continuation of the Lonely Artist Mingle (a place for would-be collaborators to find each other, hopefully resulting in multidisciplinary perphormances)

    • Continuation of the Pop Up Playground and Perphormance (creative play for all ages with recycled materials that includes a performative engagement with the space).

    • Critical perphormance discussions and roundtables, resulting in perphormative lectures by Philly’s own creatives. 

    • We have visioning events every 3 months for Philly’s interdisciplinary artists. We’re open to all ideas about potential events and programming.

This fundraiser is supporting a lively, comprehensive and interactive online resource, as well as supporting our live events.

This resource will include...


  • an Artist/Skills Directory - This is an easy, public and searchable database for artists to find each other! We are imagining skills to range from woodworker to mover to chef to handy helper!

  • a Perphor|m Space Hub - A comprehensive list of spaces we have collaborated with (this is helpful for folks because we embody a large range of spaces, hopefully some new ones for you to enjoy!)

  • an Interdisciplinary Events Calendar

    • This calendar will feature events, workshops & meetups where there are two or more disciplines present. It will have filters for discipline (i.e. voice, movement, visual etc.), time of day, day of week, and location to make events easy to find.

This is our (very) estimated budget.


1. January 9 2020- June 9 2020

Raise funds through individual donors like you!

Start identifying website team

2. June 10 2020- July 10 2020

Build website

Solidify website team


3. July 11 2020- January 11 2021

Enjoy free resources provided through website, engage with the online community, attend live associated events, connect through round tables and online conversations

And continue donating for the future!

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