Mission Statement

WHAT we intend this organization to do

Foster exchange of ideas and information to create a community ecology that is more connected, organized and inclusive.

Mobilize and Energize perphormance artists to cross pollinate in existing spaces and communities across Philadelphia. 

Generate new opportunities (classes, workshops, perphormances, exhibitions, conversations) for perphormance artists.

Be an open channel which brings underground* artists into dialogue and engage with the community. *”Underground” as a term that points to “emerging” or under funded but attempts to avoid an existing hierarchical structure around artistic professionalism or hours of labour put into “making it”.


This looks like… 

Pop up events (classes, workshops, parties)

Facilitated conversations (virtual and live)

Exhibitions and Perphormance Opportunities

Comprehensive event calendar

  • … 


WHO we intend this organization to be for

This is for those who are asking a question, and have a sense of engagement and responsibility to art and the world. We are committed to supporting artists in work and practices that engage critically. (We are committed to constantly checking ourselves to make sure we’re not aligning ‘criticality’ with ‘college educated’.)


HOW we intend this organization to be


We hold space for difference. We believe that all genres and styles of art are important. In that we do not prescribe to a particular aesthetic, or genre. We’re excited about those pushing against the edges of their craft/form/practice. 


It is extremely important that what we do never feels like it’s locked behind doors or hidden.


*non-recognition of authority 

*Maybe something that involves dismantling traditional hierarchy, in favor of collaborative hierarchy, by getting constant feedback, being extremely transparent about our goals, plans, etc. 


This is created by participating members of communities for Community. The members of this community are clear about their boundaries and desires, resulting in interdependence. “Interdepence requires being seen, as much as possible, as your true self. Meaning that your capacity and needs are transparent.” (93, Emergent Strategy). 


Literally (in terms of having dedicated space to get messy) and figuratively (in terms of experimentation, conversation, etc). 


We strive to be consistently adaptable and changing. In two different ways: 

One: By creating an adaptable structure that allows for rotation of artists inside how resources are used (who presents work, who teaches class, who gets support). 

Two: Continually growing the community, by purposefully and actively seeking out and actively including new, especially young underground people. 


We intend to collaborate with other Philadelphia-based independent artists and dance and art organizations.