Join Us!

This is an open call.

We're always looking for people to join us and help

organize, facilitate, plan. 

Right now our organization is all volunteer based.

We operate collaboratively, non-hierarchically.

For more details about how we operate,

see the infographic below.

We're searching for people with different kinds of skills

(AKA you don't need to be an "artist" to join us.) 

Some of the tasks we do:

fundraising, marketing, graphic design, finding sponsors/space for events. 

If you're interested in joining us, get in contact. 

info.perphorm [at] gmail [dot] com

Cell Structure (1).png

Infographic Description

  • the BLUES/NUCLEUS has the most time commitment. They use basecamp** to communicate and have a soft 1 month time commitment to being a BLUE, after which they can reassess and move around. You’ll notice that the nucleus is further divided into five sections. These will be different groups that focus on specific events/programs. If you decide to be a blue/nucleus, you can be in one, or you can be in a few. You choose, depending on your capacity and interest. These are the different groups: Space, Online resources, Fundraising, Internal Organization, Lonely Artist Mingles.These groups are not set in stone! They can be added to/changed as needed.

  • The PINK/RIBOSOMES can be very fluid between being blue and green. They are aware of events going on and have the personal agency to jump in when needed/available. They will generally use Gmail to communicate, don’t have to be on basecamp but can be if they want to.

  • The GREEN/MEMBRANE has the lightest time commitment. The BLUES are in charge of personally reaching out to them when we need help, mostly with day of kind of tasks. Other than that they have no real time commitment. They can choose to get the perphorm wide emails if they want.

If you're interested in joining us, get in contact. 

info.perphorm [at] gmail [dot] com