Virtual Fidget Forum: A Collaboration

with Perphorm and Fidget

a virtual series of events

Step 1: Vote on a Film to Watch

UPDATE: The film has been chosen!!! The winner is: Ralph Lemon's "How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere?"

Step 2: Watch the Film

Link to watch: How Can You Stay In The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere?

Step 3: Discuss the Film

You can discuss in two different modes.


 Watch and chat live on discord! 3/29 @ 7pm.


1. follow this link to the the film on

2. proceed as if you're going to do a 48 hour rental of the film. enter code "ARTATHOME20" at checkout and the film will be free. You will have to make an account.

3. go to account and in your library the film will be there!

4. press play RIGHT at 7pm*

*you might want to test the video before 7pm and make sure there are no issues with it!

5. Join us on Discord! The link is here.

6. Watch and discuss live!

7. Join in the post-show discussion, also on discord

• Enter into a discussion on the forum. We will be using fidgetperphorm.createaforum.comYou can contribute in any way you feel! The forum allows attachments to posts, so feel free to make a collage, movie, photo series, podcast etc. as a response to the film.

Feel free to participate in whatever modes you want! No need to limit yourself to one!