Engage with Perphorm

You (probably): I love the idea. How do I engage with y'all?

Us: See the infographic below! More details follow the image. 

Engagement Structure (1).png

There are THREE main ways to engage with Perphorm.

They are broken down below.

1. Water and Sun

You can be logistically/administratively/organizationally involved. You per(ph)orm tasks such as budgeting, finding space, marketing, etc. to make live events and resources happen! More info about how to be involved in this way is on the join us page!

2. Planting Seeds**

This level of engagement is further broken down into 2 sections.

  • Planting Spearhead Seed

    • An idea you have that you want to spearhead, but need​ logistical/admin help with. Your event will be your event x Perphorm.

  • Planting Collaborative Seed

    • An idea you have that you want advice/thoughts/collaboration on. Will be a Perphorm event.​

**You don't have to be a 'water and sun' person to plant a seed! Anyone can! Just hit us up!

3. Bees

Bees engage with programs and resources. Come to events, comment on blog posts. You make our organization thrive, and you're why we continue to do what we do!