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Virtual Fidget Forum in Collaboration

with Perphorm

March 29, 2020



Lonely Artist Mingle

January 13, 2020



"This event is for any artist with a strong desire to collaborate. Come socialize with other Philly artists of all genres and disciplines. Find a collaborator or two, or just make friends! We'll be playing games, doing icebreakers, and there will also be time to hang out and talk. Happy hour is from 4-7 pm at MilkBoy, so feel free to come early, get some drinks, and then come to the event."

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Workshop/ Clothing Swap/ Movement Jam 

October 28, 2019


The Whole Shebang

"Determine how you participate in the workshop/jam/swap and let Brandon's prompting provide a new and playful lens on how to view the clothing and pick and choose what you swap. This workshop and jam are accessible to all folx and all levels of experience with movement and playing with material. Let's get playful and creatively critical as we swap it up.
5-6pm - Maybe More than Material (workshop led by Brandon Graf) + Swap
6-7pm - Clothing Swap with those good vibes laid in the space from the workshop
7-8pm - Movement Jam + Swap
**Movement jams are places to explore personal and relational movement. It can look infinite ways! Feel free to play, sing, dance, fall, scream and shout. We will give consent guidelines before we begin. Come for one part or all three!***Please note that The Whole Shebang studio is up one flight of stairs and is therefore not wheelchair accessible.***"
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Pop Up Playground and Perphormance

October 19, 2019


Dickinson Square Park

"We're excited to announce our first pop up event: Pop Up Playground & Perphormance.
Playground Session 1: 10-12:30pm
Perphormance 1: 12:30-1pm
BREAK: 1-2pm
Playground session 2: 2-4:30pm
Perphormance 2: 4:30-5pm
The playground is based off of Adventure Playgrounds. Participants will create structures (potentially a playground) from provided materials such as cardboard, fabric, paint, PVC pipe, etc. The only rules are: respect the space, ask for help, don’t assume that someone needs help. A perphormative reflection, inspired by authentic creativity, will happen among the created structures at 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. All Ages Welcome! FREE!! Sponsored by: Tatooed Mom South Street."
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