A question sparked this group... “Why do so many dance students leave Philly for New York after graduating from school?” Katherine Desimine gathered some artists and created town hall meetings for perphorming artists in Philly to have conversations about what they felt was missing. Those convos shined a light on a few things- insularity and a lack of transparency.


From these meetings a group of like-minded artists came together over our shared desire for more conversations, outlets, and opportunities for more types of perphorming artists. We felt frustrated with the disconnect between artistic disciplines, between generations of artists, between art spaces. So we decided to be an open channel, with the goal of connecting more artists, spaces, and communities to each other, through mobilizing and energizing perphormance artists to cross pollinate in EXISTING spaces and communities by generating NEW opportunities.

We are unique because we are a group that touches all of the creative aspects of living as an artist. At our events you can find conversations around how materials influence movement, and dance with those materials as you change out your closet. Then the next day you can participate in a meeting where we grapple with having conscious relationships with the spaces we inhabit.


We are a place for folks that do more than one thing. To elaborate, there are lots of arts organizations in Philly that are specifically for dancers, or specifically for musicians, etc. We are striving to open space for perphormance artists who don’t fit into just one of those categories, because they fit into many of those categories, or none of them!

Our organizational structure is one of overlapping and moving circles, where you can fluidly move in and out of roles and levels of commitment/responsibility. We found that it was exhausting to create an event or put on a show because all the responsibility generally falls on the artist. We want to ease the difficulty, by working co-creatively, collaboratively, and non-hierarchically. While this is still a lot of work, it feels more sustainable.  If you’re interested in joining us administratively, having a conversation, or want to get involved in another way, we’d love to chat!