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We are a new perphormance arts organization in Philly. 


Perphorm mobilizes and energizes perphormance* artists to cross pollinate in existing Philadelphia spaces, fostering a community ecology that is more connected, organized and inclusive. We generate new opportunities (classes, workshops, perphormances, exhibitions, conversations) for perphormance artists. We are an open channel bringing underground* artists into dialogue and engagement with the community. Perphorm is born out of a desire for more outlets, opportunities, and conversations for new generations of artists.


*Perphormance as a term that embodies more than live dance, theatre, and music.


*”Underground” as a term that points to “emerging” or under funded but attempts to avoid an existing hierarchical structure around artistic professionalism or hours of labour put into “making it”.

Contact us for more info at info.perphorm@gmail.com